Those of Impeccable Taste Shop Texas-Made at Catalena Hatters

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“Made in Texas” isn’t just something a store can willy-nilly throw around. It’s a statement of great quality, which tends to secure a customer and gives both the seller and the buyer the satisfaction that something a great worth has exchanged hands. The very same can be said for the makers, sellers, and purchasers of fine felt hats from Catalena Hatters in Bryan, Texas.

Made by hand, one hat at a time, these custom felt hats are considered some of the best in the world. A true cowboy hat connoisseur would almost be remiss in not having one on their head or, at the very least, in their possession. This company, owned and operated by the Catalena family, even goes so far as to help you in restoring a damaged cowboy hat which you might have a sentimental attachment to.

Those of Impeccable Taste Shop Texas-Made at Catalena Hatters

Photo: Facebook/Catalena Hatters

Taking great pride in their work and product, and paying immense attention to detail, a Catalena cowboy hat can also be custom-shaped to the purchaser’s head. For over three decades, the company has been making hats at their Bryan location and the second generation of their business now has 20 years of experience in making sure their hand-made products speak of their family’s high standards. Considering their quality and service, their prices are quite reasonable and their hats have been recognized by many industry professionals. If you, too, have impeccable taste and cowboy hat standards, Catalena Hatters is the place to spend your hard-earned dollar. After all, they’re made in Texas, and that’s a saying you don’t just throw around every day.