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Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over SAPD Officer and Runs Away

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MySA.com reports that this past weekend, around 85 miles south of San Antonio, Texas a man impersonating a police officer pulled over an actual police officer. The incident started  when a man driving a “…white Chevrolet Silverado that had interior red and blue lights rather than overhead lights…” pulled over a real SAPD officer while wearing a brown uniform that simply said “Police.”

During their interaction, the fake officer said that he would take cash in an envelope or credit card information to satisfy the “speeding ticket.” The SAPD officer called him out on his unprofessional manner, and the fake officer noticed that the man he pulled over had a badge of his own. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a brother in blue, especially SAPD,” he told the real officer before returning to his car to supposedly run his badge number. Once he made it back to his truck, he sped away.

The George West Police Department confirmed the incident on their Facebook page after they had several inquiries about whether or not the story was true. “If you see this person contact the Sheriffs Office so we can get officers to the location 361-449-2271. Remember GWPD, LOSO, DPS, and TR have Tahoe’s, Explorers, and Chargers,” they reminded their readers.