Impressive High-Tech Water Toys Texans Would Love to Try

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In all the times you’ve swam, dove, or generally played in Texas waters, we’re willing to bet the biggest water toy you’ve ever taken was a jet ski. But these eight high-tech water toys highlighted by Freeze Lists on YouTube will have you plotting your next trip to the lake just to try them out!

From a manufactured fin that lets you swim underwater being towed behind a boat, to the “wocart” (our personal favorite), there’s not much these toy makers haven’t thought of when it comes to fun in the sun, surf, and waves. Mind you, the price tag for each of these water toys is most definitely hefty, but there’s no reason you can’t rent the use of one while you’re staying at a resort, just to check out it in advance. Chances are good you won’t see any of these on your next Texas tubing adventure, but the likelihood of someone in the Lone Star State taking a fancy to one of these gadgets for their next Gulf Coast trip or even a trek to a local lake, are pretty good. Not only is everything bigger in Texas, it’s also better, and many Texans want the best of the best!

We’ve written before about the possibility of flying cars, but maybe water travel will be the next means of commuting. The ability to maneuver in, through, over, and above it with the assistance of some of these high-tech toys seems to be not much more of a stretch when you look at their capabilities. The jet pack with the external motor held in the boat contraption has a cruising time of two hours. That could easily take you from port to port, with a stop off for a shore-lunch somewhere!