Texas Car Dealership Helps Out Mom Who Was Scammed on Craigslist

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Cora Hernandez was searching for a car that could work for herself and her four children, one of which uses a wheelchair. It was not an easy task to find an affordable vehicle with the right equipment, but Hernandez was happy to locate a 2009 Honda Pilot on Craigslist for $6,000.

Unfortunately, Hernandez fell into a scam. After she paid for the car, she drove it to the tax assessor’s office in order to get the title transferred to her name. They told her the car had been stolen from the Clear Lake Infiniti dealership.

After the dealership found out what happened to their SUV, they decided to give Hernandez the title of the car regardless of its criminal activity, since she had nothing to do with any of the crimes.

Clear Lake Infiniti’s general manager, Billy Frank, told ABC 13, “She bought the car, and we feel that if we can make a right out of this wrong it’s the minimum thing that we can do. And luckily we are blessed enough from our community to be able to do this.”

Sometimes misfortune can turn into an opportunity for someone else to step up and spread joy, and Frank certainly turned the situation around for the Hernandez family.