This Guy Just Made the Most Ingenious Lawnmower Hack

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Most people don’t get super excited about mowing their lawns. During the summer months, when just walking out the door can make you sweat instantly, mowing is probably the last thing you want to be doing. Of course, summer is the time when lawns grow like crazy, which means you have to mow more frequently than ever. If you don’t have a chunk of change to spend on a large riding mower or a lawn service, there might be another way you can get an impressive yard with minimal effort.

One clever homeowner decided to beat the system and made up his own self-driving lawnmower. How did he do it? He simply took his push mower and attached it to a pole with some string, which allows it to travel in circles without being pushed. The only issue with this clever rig is that the mower will just keep traveling around the same radius; so you would still have to move the pole and mower to different locations across the lawn. Still, if you are feeling very unmotivated or just don’t have the energy to push a mower around for a few hours, this trick might be for you.