Ingram: A Unique Place in the Texas Hill Country Where Art Imitates Life

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With its intricately designed layout, set to scale and comparable to the original, Stonehenge II in Ingram, Texas is a sight for sore eyes. There are a variety of great things to see and places to go in Texas, but the Hill Country appears to have a leg-up on the competition when it comes to unique, charming, and inviting!

Visitors may yet be unaware of the other things that have made Ingram famous. Stonehenge II is somewhat of a tourism ambassador for the area, bringing people in from throughout the state and even across the country! While you’re there, you can catch some wonderful live local music, take in local arts and culture, check out the open-air Pointe Theater, and try your hand at some antiquing (which, rumor has it, is alive and well in Ingram).

Shared on the Batcave Studios YouTube channel, this wonderful drone footage provides a birds-eye-view of the Texas Stonehenge II project, which is now owned/operated by the Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF). The monument was the vision of Al Shepperd and Doug Hill, two area residents who constructed it on Shepperd’s property. Over time and due to personal reasons, the project was dismantled and shipped to its present location in Ingram, thanks to the efforts of the HCAF, where visitors to the area can now see it in all its glory, complete with two Easter Island statues (Moai) that complement it quite nicely.