A Texas Couple Was Injured at a Local Tavern By a Flaming Cocktail

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In a suburb of Dallas in the Highland Village, a couple having drinks at the Shoal Creek Tavern were burned by a flaming cocktail and had to receive immediate medical attention. According to KXAN, “flaming alcohol shattered a liquor bottle and splashed all over the couple,” and even though employees were quick to put out the flames, the two victims had to be airlifted to a Dallas hospital. The news said that the burns didn’t appear to be life threatening, but they did suffer significant injuries to a large area of the upper halves of their bodies.

Flaming shots and cocktails might appear intriguing, but evidence shows that they can be incredibly dangerous. A women recently posted her story about taking a flaming shot on Imgur. (Warning: the photos are tough to look at.) She explains that she was peer pressured into taking the shot, and when she attempted to blow out the flame, she ended up splashing the drink onto herself and burning her face, shoulders, and chest. It has taken a year for her to heal.

Medical Daily quotes a medical study that stated, “The dangers associated with an ignited alcoholic drink are often underestimated by party goers whose risk assessment ability is already impaired by heavy alcohol consumption.”

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