Inner Space Cavern: Unraveling Mysteries Beyond the Imagination

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Booking those vacation plans and looking for ways to stay cool during the hot summer months? Then look no further than Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas. At a cool 72 degrees inside the cave, your passport to unraveling the mysteries of the past is just a hop, skip, and a scenic drive away into creating lasting memories with an added touch of history to boot!

Inner Space Caverns was discovered in the spring of 1963 by a Texas Highway Department core drilling team. According to its website, “After drilling through 40ft. of solid limestone, the bit broke into what is now known as Inner Space Cavern.” They offer various types of tours, depending on how adventurous you are feeling that day. The YouTube video below highlights some of the majestic beauty this well-preserved cave offers for not only your enjoyment but also a great history lesson waiting to be uncovered through each passageway.

The Adventure Tour is their classic option to make your way through the maze of interesting artifacts waiting to share their stories of the past. The 1 hour and 15-minute tour takes you through a lighted trail as you come across some of the largest and most magnificent formations you’ll ever encounter.

Not to be outdone, there are other tours for the more adventurous in the group, including the Hidden Passage Tour and the Wild Cave Tour. Just as it’s named, the Hidden Passage Tour will require a flashlight as you tour the most rugged trails within the cave and explore some of the more delicate formations. The Wild Cave Tour is just that, “off-trail caving through undeveloped sections of our cave.” Taking in the wild side of the treasures this gem holds is a must for cave enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Inner Space Cavern

Photo: Facebook/Inner Space Cavern

Some interesting facts to keep in mind include there were once five entrances into the cave, and “fossils of at least 44 different species of animal, 11 of which are now extinct” were found. Plus, as an added bonus, there is a playground, a mining area, and a gift shop for your enjoyment. You can also gaze upon several displays of fossils they found right in the cavern.

So saddle up the family and make your way back in time through the beautiful journey of Inner Space Cavern. Uncover the mysteries waiting for you to explore! For more about this Texas, treasure visit innerspacecavern.com.