Innovative Austin Tiny Homes Called Kasitas Go On Sale

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Huston-Tillotson professor, Jeff Wilson was once known as “Professor Dumpster” due to his year-long experiment of living in a dumpster turned mini-home. “While I was in the dumpster, I had the thought that why don’t we think about homes like iPhones,” he told KVUE, and the seed for Kasita was planted.

Kasitas are tiny homes packed with technology that’s controlled by an app. Settings can be changed to make the home “movie night” ready or set the mood with romantic lighting and music. Each home is 352 square feet, stackable and costs $139,000. They’re well suited for people who love to travel and like to spend time outside and out and about instead of cooped up in their homes.

Originally, Kasita was exploring the ability to allow each little home to move from city to city by hauling them on a truck and plugging them into a unit of Kasitas. Potential customers were more interested in elevating the technology within the homes and then simply moving their small amount of belongings from home to home if they so choose, Curbed explains.

There’s so much to see and learn about these incredible little Kasitas. Click here for additional info and a form to reserve your own Kasita.