Here’s How You Make Instagram-Worthy Cloud Eggs

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Cloud eggs are having their moment in the spotlight on Instagram. The fluffy whites of the egg and the perfect, unbroken yolk make for a beautiful and intriguing picture. But what do these eggs taste like? And how are they made?

Since the trend has been hot for over a month, the mystery has settled. says that making one is surprisingly simple. “You basically whip up the egg whites, form cloud or nest shapes with the whipped egg whites, and plop the egg yolk in the center, and bake. Oh yes, and some grated cheese is folded into the whipped egg whites. More cheesy structure for the nest,” they explain. says that the method has been around for ages, and the newly named “cloud eggs” even make an appearance in a French children’s cook book called “Cooking is Child’s Play” (English translation 1965).

Even though cloud eggs have stood the test of time, some say they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Jill Wendholt Silva writes in MyStatesman that whipping the whites is tedious and time-consuming. “I had what could be called a #cloudeggsuccess by cooking the egg at 450 degrees, but there was no flavor and the texture was rubbery. Think meringue, without the sugar,” she said. Followed by a common thought many people have about social media trends, “Pretty, but why bother?”

#cloudeggs My kids say it was a fail.

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Made a #cloudegg. Was it worth it? Uhh #cloudeggs

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Parmesan & chive cloud eggs. ☁️? #cloudeggs

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