Intense Tornado Video Shows Powerful Storm Force With Inevitable and Unpredictable Path of Destruction

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In a video that speaks volumes about the sheer power of nature and the unyielding devastation that can happen as a result, ABC News Weather shared a video on their Facebook account of a powerful tornado touching down in May of 2016, west of Dodge City, Kansas. Not unlike many such storm footage, it’s like watching a train wreck about to take place where you can’t seem to look away, but unlike quite a few of its predecessors, it also captures the exact point at which the funnel touches down to the ground. As the videographer films from a safe distance, still making viewers feel like they’re physically on site experiencing it, it’s mesmerizing footage that lulls you into some sort of awe.

Many people and organizations in Texas are quite familiar with the magnitude of and devastation that can unfold from a tornado touching down in our state. Sadly, it’s an annual occurrence in some parts of the state that we have prepped and trained for, coordinating emergency responses and running drills to ensure we’re prepared in advance. This video, showing a storm such as this with its broad swath of destruction, often begs the question: How prepared can you truly be for this type of storm?

Texas leads the entire US in number of tornadoes monthly from January through June, only being eclipsed in the summer months, and returning to highest averages again in September. With a yearly average of 146 tornadoes, the state far outweighs all others in terms of experience as well as storm planning. An intense video such as this only serves as a vivid reminder of the types of occurrences that happen regularly here and how we need to be more vigilant and continuously prepared.


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