Ease off the Gas Pedal: I-10 Reduces Speed Limit

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Those who travel east of Houston on the highway will have to let a little pressure off of the gas pedal. The Texas Department of Transportation declared that from Chambers County to Beaumont, the speed limit is dropping 10 mph. Interstate 10 will now be 65 mph instead of 75 mph.

The new speed limit officially lowered on Monday, August 29th, but drivers will not be pulled over until new signs are installed. According to KHOU, “They say the change is a result of a traffic and engineering study as well as the crash history of this section of roadway.”

I-10 isn’t always the most entertaining drive around the Houston area, so many people will find it difficult to not speed along to their next location. Those who might have a hard time remembering or just can’t help but to let their foot relax down onto the gas pedal can download apps on their phone that beep once the car exceeds a certain speed limit.

Texans don’t like being told to slow down, but when it’s for everyone’s safety, we can all grin and bear the slight change.