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Item Recall: Glittery iPhone Case Users Beware of Burning

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The adorable new trend of glitter-filled phone cases may look delightful, but the liquid surrounding the glitter that enables it to swirl around could leak out from the plastic case and cause chemical burns. AOL reports that manufacturer MixBin is at the center of the recall, and phone cases from places like “Tory Burch, Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel and online” fall under the warning put in place by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The number of iPhone cases recalled has reached about 275,000, and word is spreading fast from glittery iPhone case users posting photos of their burns. A 9-year-old girl from England was left with a bright red outline of an iPhone and another woman said that she was burned through her pocket. “Throughout the day, I felt a burning sensation on my leg but I thought they were just razor burns or something,” she told Buzzfeed. Her injury took over a month to heal, but some women will be left with permanent scars from the harsh chemicals.

iHeartRadio writes that there have already been 24 burns reported, 19 of which took place in America. If you or a friend have one of these deceptively cute cases, it might be time to toss them in the trash.