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Texas Man Says His iPhone Left Him with Second Degree Burns

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Lake Jackson man Luke Schilhab told ABC 13 News about an alarming incident that took place between himself and his iPhone 6s over the Easter weekend. When Schilhab went swimming, he forgot to take his phone out of his swim trunk pocket before diving in. As soon as he entered the water, he remembered his error, but it was too late.

Even though the iPhone 7 is probably water-resistant enough to withstand a quick dip in the pool (as seen on CNET), Schilhab’s iPhone 6s went blank after the dive. Schilhab put his phone in a bowl of rice, which is a common “life hack” for when a phone gets wet, but unfortunately, it’s also a myth. The iPhone was still wet and not turning on.

A frustrated Schilhab fell asleep with the phone next to him in bed, and when he rolled over onto the electronic, it scorched his skin, giving him second-degree burns. (For those who need some proof, a photo of the rectangular burn complete with blisters can be seen on the news here.)

Schilhab was in a lot of pain over the burn, and he has since filed a report with Apple. ABC 13 spoke with David Scarbrough with Experimac who says that the lithium battery needs to be disconnected as soon as possible when a phone becomes drenched, and rice just doesn’t do the trick.