Irish Apple Crisp: Using Whiskey for More than Just Sipping

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Fall will soon be upon us and with that comes great baking, fantastic apple selections, and the making of one of our favorites – apple crisp! But, did you know that there were variations on this recipe that could actually improve something previously thought to be impossible to improve?! Leave it to the Irish to do something this amazing. Irish Apple Crisp.

In truth, there are obvious differences between Irish whisky and the great Texas brands that we drink. Substituting one for the other may not necessarily be in this recipe’s best interests, however never let it be said we weren’t up for a challenge. The recipe for Irish Apple Crisp has been shared by Recipe Girl, and it’s a wonderful way to do up the dish that you may not have thought of before.

With some of the finest distilleries, Texas can produce some wonderful whiskey, but as noted above, the Irish version has some unique attributes. It’s made with unmalted barley, it’s distilled three times, matured for a minimum of three years, and of course, is distilled in Ireland (hence the name). The properties that this taste may offer the recipe versus the local brands that you may consume could lend the apples a unique enhancement you hadn’t originally thought of, but will definitely be looking for again.

Irish Apple Crisp

Irish Apple Crisp: Using Whiskey for More than Just Sipping


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Irish Whisky

Irish Oatmeal



The full ingredient listing and recipe directions can be viewed at Recipe Girl, and once you’ve tried it, you may find that sipping this product is just as tasty as cooking with it!