Irish People Identifying American States is the Laugh You Need Today

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We often forget that the United States is bigger than a lot of nations. European nations in particular can hardly compare to the size of Texas, let alone the United States as a whole.

That’s why this video depicting Irish people trying to identify American states is just plain funny. The three groups are given a blank map, seven names, and free reign to choose the state they think it might be.

They begin with Texas, arguably the easiest state to begin with, and no surprise here, all of the teams guessed correctly! It’s easy to see why since the Lone Star State is the biggest in the Lower 48. One smart Irishman, however, did know that Alaska has the largest coastline in the United States.

Next, they have to guess where California, New York, Washington, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Kansas are. These states came less easy than Texas, though California was easy to figure out.

New York and New Jersey seemed to prove the toughest for some of the guessers, which makes sense because the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast all basically lump together for mapping purposes.

It’s silly to see what they guessed, but could any of us correctly label a map of Ireland?