Irish People Translate Southern Slang, and It’s Hilarious

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Southern slang is hard to decipher for Americans in other areas of the country (even some from the south), but ask an Irish person what “catawampus” is and you’ll have them completely befuddled.

Comedic YouTube account, Facts, created a video of Irish people trying to figure out what a handful of Southern slang terms means. We’ll admit, they picked some real doozies, but the results are hilarious.

When shown the phrase, “If I had my druthers” (meaning, if I had my way), a couple of the Irish people suggest that druthers meant a gun. One guy even says that he envisioned it as a wood block with spikes sticking out of it.

They are also shown the word “janky” (meaning, inferior quality). One guy hilariously states that maybe it’s “Southern Scooby Doo”, while one of the Irish ladies thinks it could be a misogynistic term for a woman.

Then, they’re given some really wacky words like, “catawampus”, “lagniappe” and “whomperjawed”.  All of these words make them think of someone who is on drugs or really drunk. To be fair, those words are pretty tough, and not many Americans would even know what they mean.

Check out the funny video below and test your own Southern slang knowledge.