Israel Nash: The New Sound of the Texas Hill Country

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Texas is known as a mecca for country music. The Hill Country in particular is often credited with being the capital of “Texas Country” music, which is classified as a blend of modern country mixed with outlaw country music. Be that as it may, many Texas music enthusiasts credit The Hill County as one of the birthplaces of “Outlaw Country”.

Austin, tucked in the heart of the Hill Country, has long been dubbed “The Live Music Capital of the World,” and thus has produced handfuls of local homegrown musical goodness. Austin also attracts many aspiring national and international musicians, and the surrounding beauty of the Hill Country begs them to stay. Israel Nash is one of the latter.

Nash, a Missouri born singer/songwriter, moved to New York to get his chops up, performing at various spots in the East Village. He cut his first two albums in New York. The albums were well-received in Europe. Needing a change of scenery, Nash and his wife resettled in Dripping Springs.

Nash did what any good migrant to Texas does. He bought a ranch and built his own studio. In this studio, he cut his third album, “Rain Plans”. Many locals claim the album sounds and feels like Dripping Springs. Nash himself says that the concept and feel of the album was greatly influenced by the place. In listening to “Rain Plans”, one can definitely hear the distant call of The Hill Country.

Nash’s latest album “Silver Season” picks up where “Rain Plans” left off. Although only nine songs in length, the follow-up album is drenched in place and melody. “Silver Season” was recorded in Dripping Springs as well. Nash has affectionately named his ranch “The Compound” and his studio “Plum Creek Sound”, both places designed not only to record his own music but to engage with other artists as well.

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