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J.J. Watt to Pay for Funerals of Santa Fe High School Shooting Victims

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Confirming by press release that J.J. Watt will be paying for the funerals of those who lost their lives in the shooting that took place at Santa Fe High School, the Houston Texans organization has mirrored the shock and sadness that the nation has felt in the past 24-plus hours. 10 people lost their lives when an armed 17-year-old took aim with a shotgun and revolver in the early hours of Friday’s school day.

Upon hearing of the tragedy, Watt reportedly tweeted: “Absolutely horrific.” In their statement, the Texans said, “…we are saddened by the tragic events at Sante Fe High School this morning and extend our thoughts and heartfelt condolences to the victims, their families and all those affected. We are grateful for the brave first responders, law enforcement officials and medical personnel. The Texans family will continue to pray for our neighbors.”

Football Player J.J. Watt to Pay for Funerals of Santa Fe High School Shooting Victims

Photo: Facebook/ JJ Watt

Recognized and praised for his charitable efforts that include support for Hurricane Harvey victims, Watt was named to the list of 100 most influential people by Time magazine and was chosen as the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year. He continues his philanthropy not only within the state of Texas but throughout the U.S., and is recognized for his many contributions, both to his sport and to humanity in the process. Watt’s efforts to assist in this mass shooting incident will be a tremendous support for the families of the victims at a time when they’ll be faced with the daunting task of saying goodbye to their loved ones. The Santa Fe High School shooting has been recognized as the largest school shooting incident in Texas since the University of Texas tower shooter in 1966.