Jalapeno Popper Corn Salad is So Good, You’ll Want Seconds

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If you have a family barbecue among your upcoming summer plans, then we’ve got the amazing side dish that will truly make it memorable. Amanda Miller, of Hutchinson, Kansas, submitted a recipe to Taste of Home. It’s been featured on their “100 Potluck Sides Perfect for Your BBQ” list, and it features all the flavors a hearty Texas appetite would devour in a heartbeat. In fact, we’re wondering if maybe Amanda isn’t a Tex-Pat. Jalapeno Popper Corn Salad is the concept she came up with. She originally planned it for a wedding she was catering, but anyone can easily see how this dish could be the pièce de résistance for a Memorial Day barbecue to remember.

Miller’s recipe serves eight, so if you’re looking to accommodate a larger crowd, you may want to review the ingredient amounts and multiple from there. Her preparation time totaled 25 minutes, which included the creation of the salad as well as cooling. Those who love any recipe that starts out with the words “jalapeno popper” are going to want to get a serving of this on their plates! “This chilled creamy salad combines all the best flavors of jalapeno poppers with the delicate sweetness of fresh corn,” said Miller in her Taste of Home post.


Jalapeno Popper Corn Salad is So Good, You’ll Want Seconds

Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Jalapeno Peppers

Sour Cream

Cream Cheese


Cheddar Cheese

Pepper Jack Cheese


In addition to the key ingredients, Miller incorporated a variety of well-chosen spices to complement this Jalapeno Popper Corn Salad—a creation she developed herself. Having seen a variety of corn-based salads in our many Memorial Day celebrations and spring and summer potlucks, we have to say this is completely unexpected and such a unique way of incorporating the flavors we love from a jalapeno popper into a cool spring/summer salad dish! Miller further added that those interested in grilling the corn (because the onions and jalapenos are also prepared that way) could round out the flavor of this salad even further. She also recommended that if you’re looking for a low-fat version, you could swap out the sour cream for plain yogurt instead. And if spiciness isn’t necessary your thing (but then you might not be so inclined to be eating anything with jalapenos in it….), you might consider using Swiss cheese instead of the Pepper Jack.

They’re all great recommendations, and of course, the outcome of your Memorial Day barbecue side will depend on your personal tastes. But, in truth, this dish can go a long way, both in personality and flavor. Taste of Home provides the full ingredient list and preparation instructions at the link available here. Enjoy the fruits of Miller’s labor—her salad creation is a side your friends and family will be talking about for some time to come!