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James Avery Jewelers of the Texas Hill Country Warn About Online Scams

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James Avery Artisan Jewelry, based in Kerrville, in the Texas Hill Country, has recently issued a warning to its long-time as well as future customers. Before making what you believe to be your next James Avery purchase, ensure that you are doing so directly through James Avery stores, or their selected distributors. The cause for the warning has been a recent noticeable increase in fraudulent discounts and coupons on fake websites touting the company’s image and offering rock-bottom pricing on products of which consumers should be suspicious.

In a recent statement issued by James Avery Chief Operating Officer John McCullough, it was said that, “Our authentic James Avery designs can only be purchased at non-discounted prices at James Avery retail stores, select Dillard’s locations and online at secure sites at JamesAvery.com and Dillards.com.” The treasured Texas jewelers have also advised against Facebook ad posts which are apparently sending shoppers to fraudulent websites. It’s been hypothesized that these fraudulent sites are being used to secure the personal credit card information for those making purchases online, with ultimately no intent to ship any product.

James Avery Jewelers of the Texas Hill Country Warn About Online Scams

Photo: Facebook/James Avery Artisan Jewelry

The company has recently announced its Summer in the Hills celebration and is continuing to produce the type of pieces that its fans have grown to recognize and love as treasured heirlooms. Despite the loss of their founder earlier this year, the Hill Country jewelers continue on in his footsteps, ensuring a quality product that, when worn, will call up memories of special moments or people for a lifetime to come. Shoppers are presently being advised that to ensure they’re sourcing a James Avery official product, visit the official James Avery website. The site is secure and has an address preceded by the letters “https” in the browser bar. Officials of the company are asking customers to report suspicious activity by emailing the company at [email protected].