James Coney Island Introduces the ‘Tamale Dog’

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Combining two tasty foods together has been a trend in the food world for some time. Now, James Coney Island is trying out an interesting combo of a hot dog and a tamale, which they appropriately dub the ‘”tamale dog.” According to, the new concoction “fuses a traditional tamale and a Kielbasa sausage.”

ABC 13 points out that while this idea isn’t dreamt up and manifested often, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this combination in Texas. At the Texas Rangers stadium, sports fans can dig into a TamArlington dog. It’s similar to James Coney Island’s new item except it has the addition of sour cream and uses nacho cheese instead of shredded. To make their combo stand out, James Coney Island’s new tamale dog boasts masa made from a special recipe produced locally in Houston.

This Houston-based fast food restaurant has 21 locations throughout the area and offers classic and gourmet hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads. The tamale dog, which costs $5.99, will be offered at every location so find your nearest one here. The new item will only stay on the menu as long as customers are digging in, and it will only become a permanent fixture if people really enjoy the hot dog and tamale combination.