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71 Jason’s Deli Texas Locations Impacted by Data Breach

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When you grab a bite to eat at Jason’s Deli, you’re probably too busy wondering how they get their potatoes to such humongous sizes or what you’ll get at the salad bar than to even consider worrying about a potential credit card breach. Unfortunately, if you’ve dined at Jason’s Deli since last June until December, now you’ll have to spend some time considering your credit card safety.

According to NBC DFW, Jason’s Deli has officially confirmed they were notified in December that information pertaining to over two million customers was put at risk when hackers gained access to their point of sales system. The stolen information was then uploaded to the dark web where it was sold. “Investigators now say the criminals deployed RAM-scraping malware on the point-of-sale terminals at various corporate-owned Jason’s Deli restaurants starting June 8, 2017,” the news explains.

A whopping 71 locations in Texas were compromised by the security threat. To see a full list of restaurants across the United States, see Jason’s Deli’s lengthy comprehensive list hereClick2Houston.com points out that 24 Houston Jason’s Deli locations were impacted, and, after looking at the list ourselves, it appears that five locations in Austin and one located in Round Rock were also impacted. If anyone needs to contact the company with any concerns, they can do so at [email protected] or (409) 838-1976.