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Jeb Bush to Join Texas A&M Government Staff

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After serving as the Governor of Florida and attempting to become the 2016 Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Jeb Bush is trying out a completely different job title – lecturer at Texas A&M University. For a 10-day elective course in January, Bush will use his research and personal experience to teach students before the Spring semester officially begins.

The Texas Tribune states that the class will cover “the role of gubernatorial leadership and its impact on government at all levels,” and 65 students have already signed up. The class will be co-lead by Texas A&M professor Blease Graham.

Chron.com points out that the building he’ll lead lectures in, the Bush School of Government and Public Service, is named after his father, President George H.W. Bush. Even though Jeb attended school at the University of Texas in Austin, his familial ties to Texas A&M connects him to his alma matter’s rival.

Bush School’s dean, Mark Welsh, told the Texas Tribune that he’s excited to have Jeb as a teacher, “Governor Bush is a dedicated and accomplished public servant who will provide our students — future leaders in public life — with a vivid perspective of the challenges facing state officials. We are very pleased to offer a course of this nature and look forward to Governor Bush’s arrival on campus.”