Jep & Jessica Robertson Move to Texas: Making Healthy Shepherds Pie

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In January 2018, we reported the opening of the Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs, in the Texas Hill Country. It’s owned and operated by Jensen Ackles (of “Supernatural” fame) together with his wife and brother-in-law. At that time, there was a new kid in town with respect to the food truck industry. Jep Robertson (of “Duck Dynasty”) and his wife Jessica had partnered with the brewery to establish their own food truck on-site, with a Southern-style menu. Well, the couple has since gone on to relocate to the Hill Country (Austin, to be specific) to further their foray into the food sector, and they have established a YouTube channel in support of their efforts. Their first video upload contains a healthy Shepherds Pie recipe you’re going to want to try.

In 2017, there were a number of hints shared across the Robertson family’s general media and social media outlets, recognizing Jep and Jessica’s family move to Austin. In the fall of that year, Jep’s Southern Roots food truck had its grand opening in Roundrock, at the H.Q. for Junk Gypsy. They launched their website in October that year, following which they took to their weekly podcast to make a formal announcement. “We have officially moved to Austin, Texas,” he said. “The seed to be planted for moving here started about ten years ago,” Jessica added. “We fell in love with the Texas area. Gradually, we started doing more and more here. The past five years we’ve really made a lot of friends in Austin.”

Video: YouTube/Jeb and Jessica Robertson

Shared on the brand new Jep and Jessica Robertson YouTube channel, the roughly 13-minute video above features Jep and Jessica making homemade, healthy Shepherds Pie. The end-result is definitely something delicious that you can try in your own home. The full recipe is shared on Jessica Robertson’s blog entitled Genuinely Jess, at the link available here. As opposed to a traditional mashed potato topping, the couple opted for a cauliflower puree mash, which lends itself nicely to the flavor of this dish. They also made use of chuck roast for the meat component, where some of us here in Texas have grown up with a ground beef filling. This version is a unique and tasty take on a traditional go-to dinner recipe we hadn’t thought of before. Now we’ll be adding it to our winter meal planning!