Nothing Smells Better than Jimmy Dean Sausage-scented Wrapping Paper

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What better way to wake everyone up on Christmas morning than with some Jimmy Dean sausage-scented wrapping paper under the tree? Yes, you read that right, the Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange is back again to inspire folks to cook up a delicious recipe to submit for the chance to win some cool prizes, including sausage-scented wrapping paper.

Folks have from now until December 20 to fire up the skillet and cook a Jimmy Dean recipe, take a picture of your dish, and submit it to the gift exchange contest. Take a look at the YouTube video below for more details.


Not only do you get to enjoy cooking up a great meal for your family, but you get to pick an exclusive Jimmy Dean gift, free while supplies last. The prizes include a unique glass sausage ornament, sausage scented wrapping paper, a handsome holiday apron, or a Jimmy Dean’s holiday Christmas album on vinyl. At last check, some of the items were out of stock, unfortunately, so do your homework first!

Let’s not leave out the chance for one lucky sausage king to win big and score a replica of Jimmy Dean’s famous, diamond-studded, gold belt buckle!.

For more details, and to view some of the recipes to choose from, visit their website at