The Internet Goes Crazy When JJ Watt Posts a Pic of a Cute Puppy

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A day ago, JJ Watt posted a photo of a ridiculously cute puppy named “Houston” to his Instagram page. KHOU says he also shot a video of the pup playing while Watt was working out which he uploaded to Snapchat. Of course, fans went nuts over the adorable display – who is this cute new dog, and who does he belong to?

Houston, a German Shepard puppy, isn’t exactly Watt’s new best friend. He belongs to Watt’s longtime trainer Brad Arnett, and he is a rescue pup! Arnett found Houston through the Houston-based group called Lola’s Lucky Day.

Lola’s Lucky Day was happy to have the attention brought to their organization. Their website says they work with a sister organization to make sure all of the dogs they rescue from the Houston area get a loving new home. “By the city of Houston’s own estimates there are 1.2 million homeless animals with no place to go.  We rescue pups from the streets and local shelters, get them healthy, fully vetted, spayed/ neutered then network primarily with our partner rescue in Wisconsin, Paddy’s Paws, to match them with loving families,” they explain.

Hopefully, those who see Watt’s adorable post will be inspired to adopt a new pet in need!