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John T. Floore’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Featuring Randy Rogers, Robert Earl Keen, & Bruce Robison

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If there was any one establishment on earth that could sum up the Texas Hill Country in one destination, then that place is definitely John T. Floore’s Country Store. Deep in the heart of Texas, the historic store and dance hall was established back in 1942 by John T. Floore. Although he passed on in 1976, his memory has not been forgotten. Signs with his iconic, witty sayings are displayed all throughout the historic venue.

John T. Floore's Country Store/FacebookPhoto: Facebook/John T. Floore’s

John T. Floore was none other than Willie Nelson’s partner in the original Willie Nelson Music Company. Willie played there every other weekend during the infancy of his career. Nelson is not the only big name to cross the floor. The likes of Patsy Cline, Ray Price, and Hank Williams have also graced the stage. Reckless Kelly, Kevin Fowler, and Randy Rogers have been some of the most recent country artists featured. Randy Rogers loves Floore’s just as much as we do. Rogers affectionately recalled “I wanted to play Floore’s for as long as I can remember. Willie and Robert had a great deal to do with that. When people ask me where is my favorite place to play, I tell them Helotes, TX. John T’s.”

Photo: Randy Rogers/FacebookPhoto: Facebook/John T. Floore’s

The store is known for its music and is a destination for families that has evolved over 75 years and improves as the years go by. It’s the kind of iconic atmosphere that is ingrained in its very walls that other establishments try to replicate and are just unable to authentically. It’s the good food, music, cold beer, and sense of community that brings together the throngs of people to the small town of Helotes, just on the outskirts of San Antonio. This full-service kitchen is most known for its cold beer and famous tamales. You can also grab sausages, homemade bread, and so much more. It is only fitting that the 75th-anniversary celebration has a star-studded lineup: Randy Rogers, Robert Earl Keen, and Bruce Robison. More information about the celebration can be found here.

Photo: Robert Earl Keen/FacebookPhoto: Facebook/John T. Floore’s

It is going to be a night etched in Texas Hill Country history come April 14th and 15th, 2017. These three musicians and their music capture the very essence of the Texas Hill Country. Combine the artistry and eclectic vibe of the historic John T. Floore’s Country Store to equal a night that will be one for the books, a night Willie Nelson himself may find it hard to resist partaking.