John Wayne Schulz to Begin Overseas Deployment: This Country Star Should be All Over Your Playlist

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Hailing from Karnes City, Texas, John Wayne Schulz has had two appearances on “American Idol” (2010 and 2016), and has gained a loyal fan base in the country music industry. However, in 2013, this real-life singing cowboy made a move that was out of the norm for someone chasing fame in a finicky market. This now-Utah-resident became a flight instructor with the Salt Lake City Marine Reserve Unit.

In an interview with Deseret News, Schulz stated, “When I’m not doing things for the marines, I’m singing. When I’m not singing, I’m flying airplanes. When I’m not flying airplanes, I’m training horses cause that’s my all-time passion. When I’m not doing that, I’m hunting for a wife. It usually doesn’t go very well.” Although he recently signed a promotional sponsor for his music, Schulz has been assigned a year-long overseas deployment with the U.S. Marine Corps. In the process of preparing for his assignment, he’s been recording five original singles in Rosewood Studios out of Tyler, Texas.

John Wayne Schulz Should be All Over Your Playlists During a One-Year Overseas Deployment

Photo: Facebook/John Wayne Schulz “Official” Fan Page

“It’s going to be kind of funny to watch,” he noted, “because I won’t be able to stay very connected to the world while I’m gone on deployment. Maybe I’ll come home to a couple more fans than I had. … That would be kind of cool.” Each of his singles will be released over the coming months, beginning in July of this year, with a two-month window between each. Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube will feature his content, and fans can look forward to a John Wayne Schulz music video as well, while he’s away. In the wake of his deployment, he plans on touring with a new band that he’s been in the process of coordinating, playing a set list from the older Texas country music genre that inspired him growing up. In his interview, he explained, “When I write music, I like it to be centered around a principle that can be taught, whether it’s a principle of faith, hope, a principle of getting through a tough time — or maybe you’re just happy to be alive. You’re happy that the sun came up that day.”

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