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Texas Women Unite at Junction’s ‘Outdoor Women Gone Wild’ Weekend

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Watch out guys, here we come! If you want to get out of the house and learn how to roll with the fellas, you need to be at the “Outdoor Women Gone Wild” weekend in Junction, Texas! If you are a gung-ho outdoor enthusiast, or if you want to challenge yourself a little, or even just grab some of your girlfriends for the day and get outside — this is the place to be!

List of classes/events to sign up for: Tomahawk throwing, kayaking, wild game processing, venomous snake awareness, secrets of beekeeping, archery, target and clay pigeon shooting including gun safety, sling-shot shooting and blow darts, self- defense, orienteering, restorative yoga, basic roping, predator calling, planting, landscaping, trailer backing, photography, washer pitching, first aid, team wagon driving, fly fishing, weather interpretation, signs with sass, and car and road safety.

1. Archery, Fly-Fishing, Target Shooting and Gun Safety


The day includes a multitude of options for every type of gal. You pick your top six events or classes to attend on the registration form. The archery class will teach you all about equipment, technique, and form so you can be dead on! Learn the basic skills of fly- fishing, and then get out there and test what you learned! Go through the practices of gun safety and then challenge yourself to shooting some clay pigeons!

2. Outdoor Photography, Wild Game Processing, Kayaking


You will need to bring your own camera if you choose the outdoor photography class as one of your choices. Learn different photography techniques and how to use lighting to your advantage. Become a pro at taking your own game, skinning, and the processing of the meat. Learn basic kayak skills, and how to ride the rapids! Make sure to bring extra clothes and shoes if you choose this event.

3. Tomahawk Throwing, Team Wagon Driving, Self Defense

Ever wanted to rear back chuck a tomahawk!? Get ready to throw one like a pro because this event is taught by a National Champion! Learn how to ride like they did in the old west in this event. Only eight girls per class in this event. Have your own back and kick some butt when you need to. Learn the basics of self-defense so you can get yourself out of a hairy situation!

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