Rare Underground Golden Mole Caught on Tape

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Have you ever heard of a karrkaratul? This blind marsupial mole lives mainly underground in Australia, but one has recently been caught on video!

Karrkaratuls don’t need much oxygen. In fact, whatever they get between grains of sand underground in the desert is enough for them. They feast on insects in every stage of their lives from egg to adulthood.

People hardly ever lay eyes on these creatures. National Geographic says, “Specimens and sightings have averaged 5 to 10 per decade, suggesting that the species are either very rare or very elusive. Their remains are often found in the scats of introduced foxes and to a lesser extent, introduced cats.”

Buzzfeed recently posted that the Tjamu Tjamu Aboriginal Corporation were out recording footage of bush foods when one crew member saw the pretty little mole out on land.

Their Facebook page’s administrator, Kate Crossing, told Buzzfeed, “We were driving along a bush track on our way home when this little golden creature ran across the road in front of us. Yalti yelled out ‘karrkaratul’ and jumped out as I stopped the car. We all crowded round as Yalti held this beautiful creature carefully in her hands, its powerful front feet trying to dig to safety.”

Watch the video of the rare mole sighting here.