Kathryn Legendre: Hard-Working Authenticity in the Texas Music Scene

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Kathryn Legendre is a Texas country music artist you need to tune into if you haven’t done so yet. Her release of the album “Don’t Give A Damn” features some honky-tonk sounds, some traditional country, and a whole lot of reflection, as it speaks to life experience.

Her vocal talent is matched by her songwriting abilities as Legendre brings her music to life with a quality that eschews mainstream markets, but lures the true Texas country music fan yearning to hear some authenticity. Austin-based, her music reflects the heroes and heroines of the industry, earmarked for something far greater than they set out to accomplish – which is the same direction Legendre herself is headed.

Shared on the YouTube channel for When the Cowboy Sings, Legendre’s song “I Ain’t Through Lovin’ You” can be found on her 2013 album release entitled “Old Soul.” This, as well as any number of songs from her repertoire, are as authentic as the next, which is refreshing in an industry where, more often than not, cookie-cutter styles and sounds are the order of the day. Her genuine passion for her talent and sharing it with her fans is like a cool drink of water on a hot day. Tune in and listen to some of what Kathryn Legendre sings about and speaks to. You’ll be taking notes and making online purchases before you know it!