Katy Football Stadium Now a Whopping $70M Project

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In 2014, the Katy Independent School District in the Houston area made headlines for an outrageously expensive football stadium proposal. At $58M, people recognized that it was a hefty price tag for a high school stadium, but that it could be beneficial as part of a $748M bond for new schools and improvements. Residents voted positively for the bond.

As ABC 13 reports, the already pricey stadium has jumped up to an estimated $70M. Even though a bond calling for a $70M stadium in 2013 was voted down, district officials are optimistic about the new stadium despite its cost. They anticipate that the $748M will be allocated differently to make up the difference.

USA Today said, “Katy officials insist that the cost overruns are natural, and should not detract from the justification for the new stadium as a whole.” They also point out that this price increase puts the Katy stadium back on top of “the nation’s most expensive at the prep level.” They were previously surpassed by a suburban Dallas stadium built by the McKinney Independent School District.

This will be the second football stadium in Katy ISD. One thing is for sure, Texans definitely take their football seriously!