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Katy Residents Concerned About New Flea Market Location

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According to their Facebook page, the new Katy Flea Market opened up on July 22nd at 3755 N. Fry Road in Katy, Texas. So far, there are only two comments on their recently opened Facebook account. One from a person looking forward to the new market, and the other from a concerned neighbor hoping to invite the flea market owner to a community-wide discussion. “Working together; a solution that is satisfactory to all parties will be achievable. Perhaps we all do not understand exactly what the Flea Market entails. With your help we will be able to understand the business goals and plans,” Jenn Cothern wrote.

ABC 13 reports that Westfield Terra residents are worried about increased crime, traffic, and decreased property values due to the market’s new structures behind a restaurant along the fence and near the neighborhood.

But the market owner only has high hopes for his new business venture. “To be honest with you, I was shocked [at all the opposition,]” Sammer Yacoub told ABC 13. “[I wanted to help the community,] some people lost their jobs. They want to come get it a little income. I want to make sure it’s 100 percent safe.”

Hopefully, the community and Yacoub can come to an understanding that benefits everyone.