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Katy Resident Reports Spooky UFO Sighting Along Highway 99

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ABC 13 reports that on September 18 around 8:20 p.m., a driver headed north on Hwy. 99 Grand Parkway caught three flickering white lights hovering in the air on film. The driver started filming once he determined that the lights weren’t flares. “There is no airport in the area,” he told the news. He said that the lights “…Flickered in and out, then one disappeared as another flicked into view.”

Over on the ABC 13 Facebook page, Katy residents filled the comments section with reports of sightings of their own. Marcos Renato wrote, “I had been seen things like that! And for sure they are not drones or airplanes,” to which ABC13 Houston replied, “Marcos, where have you seen them??” After Renato replied that he saw the lights in the Heights area of Houston, others jumped in to say that it probably was a drone. Helen Ellington De Nobrega wrote, “ABC13 Houston stop spreading nonsense.”

Regardless of whether or not you find the “sightings” ridiculous, the fact remains that many people in Texas report UFO sightings. The website MUFON Sighting Report says they are currently investigating the recent Katy encounter, and if you too have a sighting to report you can do so here.