Kayaking From Confluence Park: An Unseen Side of San Antonio

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In March 2018, San Antonio opened Confluence Park, sitting on approximately 3.5 acres. It was so named because its location is where two major rivers meet (San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek). Formerly a construction storage lot, the park was the culmination of ten years of planning and construction, and it’s home to water and resource teachings and access unlike any other! It’s an excellent access point for biking and kayaking, the latter of which can open up a whole new side to the city you’ve perhaps never before witnessed.

Among the large U.S. cities, San Antonio is renowned for a few things. The Alamo, for one, the River Walk for another, and its outstanding Spurs NBA team! But amidst its growth and development around such things, the city is fast becoming known for sustaining its access to and responsible use of water at a time when it’s become clear it’s more valuable than oil. The saying is, “Water is life.” And nothing could appear truer than at Confluence Park, where the focus is on being a “teaching tool that will inspire people to become more involved with the river, practice environmental stewardship, and gain a greater understanding of Texas ecotypes.”

Kayaking From Confluence Park: An Unseen Side of San Antonio

Photo: Facebook/Spring Sault

Kayaking from an access point here can take you through an extensive paddling trail, part of the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project. This project has transformed eight miles of the San Antonio River, turning it into a riparian woodland ecosystem, the quality of which is unsurpassed. Connecting cultural and historical elements with the environment in San Antonio, kayaking from Confluence Park will allow you to enjoy each aspect of restored riverine features and native plant species which have been reintroduced to the area. Additional details and maps can be found at the link available here.

Kayaking From Confluence Park: An Unseen Side of San Antonio
Photo: Facebook/San Antonio River Foundation

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