Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Dog Days of a Texas Summer

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Here in Texas, we love our furry friends as much as we love beautiful weather. However, when the temperatures climb too high, it can cause some problems for your cats and dogs. Unlike humans, who have the ability to say they’re too hot, our pets can get overheated fairly quickly, and without knowing the signs, they may experience extreme issues while we’re unaware.

Just a few moments of outdoor play can cause their body temperatures to rise, but this doesn’t have to mean that they’re relegated to the indoors for the entire day. If you want to help your pets have fun yet keep cool, here are some tips to assist you in the heat of a Texas summer!

Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Dog Days of a Texas Summer

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Be selective about the times that your pets go outdoors. Mornings and evenings will be your best bets for average temperatures in which they can play and have it be bearable. Shady areas in which to play around or lay about are a necessity. If they must go for long walks, be sure to carry lots of fresh water for them to access. Staying hydrated is integral to their internal cooling systems. Also, if taking walks, ensure that the least amount of pavement time is planned – the high heat on our sidewalks and roadways can do horrendous damage to the pads of a dog and cat’s feet.

If your pets will be staying indoors during our extreme heat, ensure that the air conditioning is working properly. Barring that, try to provide them with plenty of water, shade from the natural sunlight coming into your home, and as cool a place to rest as possible.

Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Dog Days of a Texas Summer

Photo: Flickr/nguyen hoangnam

Similarly, consider regular grooming appointments and routines for your pets. Dogs with thick coats can have a difficult time in this heat, and regular brushing can assist in keeping them cool. Cats as well will require attention, if simply to ensure they’re maintaining themselves (a sure sign that something’s up if they’re not) and helping them to stay at an optimal temperature. Keep in mind, however, that shaving is not required. Cutting their hair too short can sometimes do the exact opposite for them in that they’ll be more susceptible to sunburn. Moderation with respect to their grooming and trimming is the best option.