Keith Urban Croons Heartfelt Tribute to Those Lost in 2016

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It’s no secret that Keith Urban is an artist passionate about his craft. And not just about his music, but honoring other artists and their contributions to music regardless of genre. In a YouTube video tribute by Urban of the musical artists the world lost in 2016, the impact other performers have made on him and the holes their losses have left is undeniable.

Whether you are a fan of his music or not, Urban seems to have set himself apart from the harsh and plastic, bling-filled world of today’s country music. His marriage to Nicole Kidman remains visibly solid in the unstable world of celebrity relationships. And he knows something about struggle. In a June 2016 interview with The Boot, an online country music entertainment source, Urban says that the early years of his marriage barely survived his addiction to alcohol. He credits Kidman for saving him in 2006 when she orchestrated an intervention that resulted in his third bout 0f rehab in eight years. But this time, his stay ended in success. He has remained sober for the last decade.

Maybe because of his struggles, he has remained an artist open to and appreciative of the important things in life. He hasn’t let his fame or celebrity spoil him or make him hard. Maybe he doesn’t take life for granted. Maybe it’s the loss of his father to cancer a little over a year ago that makes the loss of others so raw for him, so necessary for him to create recognition. Maybe it’s just that Keith Urban is a genuinely nice guy.