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Austin’s Famous Kerbey Queso Now Available in Stores

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To truly become an Austinite, one must embrace their love for Kerbey Lane’s famous queso. Whether you order it to start your brunch, as a late night snack after seeing a concert, or even as your entrée, this Austin staple isn’t one to be missed when eating at one of Kerbey’s 24-hour locations.

Now, Austinites can have Kerbey queso in the comfort of their own home without ordering it to go, and queso-lovers from the rest of Texas, along with Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisana don’t have to feel left out. Kerbey queso is now available at Whole Foods Markets! The vegan and classic versions can be found in the refrigerated dips section of the store.

According to Chron.com, “The packaged queso has a shelf life of 70 days, and should be consumed within four days of opening.” But it’s hard to imagine that the delicious melted cheese will last that long in anyone’s refrigerator anyway.

Some people may have to resist tucking into it with a spoon and eating it as a soup. It’s that “desired.” In fact, Austin Whole Foods locations have already sold out of the product, so customers will have to order it the old fashioned way at one of seven of Kerbey Lane’s locations until the stock is replenished.