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KHOU Reporter Invited to ‘Ellen’ to Talk About Harvey Rescue

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While reporting on the rising floodwaters during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, KHOU reporter Brandi Smith aided in the rescue of Robert Roberson while on air. Roberson was driving an 18-wheeler that became stuck as the water rose. Smith noticed the driver and set the motion in action to save him.

A month later, Smith was invited to appear on “Ellen” where she was surprised by the Roberson family and a check for $25,000 that Smith has chosen to donate to Rebuild Texas.

After her appearance on Ellen, Brandi Smith penned an article for KHOU.com talking about her experience. She was very humbled by the whirlwind of events over the past two months and wanted to point out that “photographer Mario Sandoval and Harris County reserve deputies Marty O’Brien and Richard Jue” also played a big role in saving Roberson.

Smith goes on to confirm that she had no idea what Ellen had up her sleeve! “She does incredible things every day, brings joy to people every day and displays amazing generosity every day. I suspected something might be in the works, but I had no idea she would go to this level,” Smith said.

Watch her appearance on Ellen in the video below.