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KHOU News Station Evacuates After Flooding During Newscast

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Anchor Len Cannon crouched down while broadcasting live from KHOU’s studios to show viewers that the flood waters from Harvey were creeping up towards the newscaster desk. It was evident that the storm had no intention to let up, so early that Sunday morning, the anchors and crew were forced to evacuate to reach higher ground.

KHOU says they quickly moved to a second-floor conference room to continue their broadcast. But unfortunately, the water continued to rise and their front and back entrances were filtering rising, gushing water into their offices. They ended up evacuating next door to a Federal Reserve Building, which was higher up and escaping the flood.

Chron.com writes that KHOU has resided inside of their studio right next to Buffalo Bayou along Allen Parkway for decades, but it’s been over 15 years since water crept into the studio despite the numerous big storms and flash floods Houston has endured. They also have floodgates installed around the perimeter of the building.

By evacuating early on, the news channel showed viewers what they should do in case their homes were flooding – find higher ground as safely as possible. Don’t wait to see what will happen to material things.