Kid Squeaks After Swallowing Dog Toy [WATCH]

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You’ll want to turn your speakers on for this hilarious short video of a boy who inhaled a dog toy. The video shows Anthony talking to a woman (most likely his mother) while he squeaks just like a chew toy.

Anthony and his companion sound so calm and collected that it feels appropriate to laugh at, or with, the pair even though the child is at the hospital about to receive medical treatment. asked a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Alfred Sacchetti, if he had ever seen anything quite like Anthony’s case. He said, “I’ve been practicing for 37 years and I’ve never had a child squeak at me.” Dr. Sacchetti went on to add that he suspects Anthony swallowed the little noise box that resides inside of a squeaky toy, and not the entire toy as that would prevent him from breathing so easily.

For those who are wondering why the noise box (which is about the size of a pill) was near his mouth, Facebook commenter Barry Carruthers offers some insight, saying, “People take the white squeaker out, put it in their mouth and blow through it, for annoyance purposes, it was all the rage when I was at school!”