See a Kiss, Cracking Joints and Singing Through an X-Ray and MRI

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Last week, Hashem Al-Ghaili posted a video on his Facebook page, @ScienceNaturePage. He writes, “I dedicate this page to sharing my passion for science, technology, and nature with all of you.” His newly shared video with the caption “The human body as seen with MRI and X-ray” already has over 37 million views and 67,000 reactions, many of which are well-earned “wow”s.

The black and white images of the inside of a human body change quickly from such common actions as cracking a joint and talking, to more uncommon happenings like a pair of twin babies “fighting” in the womb.

The video is captivating, but it can start to feel very strange to watch. It simultaneously demystifies what’s going on with our bodies and somehow complicates our forms even more by showing how much is taking place internally when we’re doing simple things like singing or kissing. When it comes to watching the infants in the womb, it almost feels voyeuristic to view a moment that would normally go unnoticed. It also serves as a reminder as to how wonderfully mysterious and hard-working our bodies can be.