Sweater-Wearing Kitten Rescued During Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew did terrible damage, but out of the storm came one ray of shining light in the form of a little kitten that’s becoming an internet sensation.

Huffington Post reports that photos of this sweet creature originated from a post on Twitter by a woman named Sarah on October 9th. Sarah, a Lyft driver from North Carolina, was running errands when she stopped in a Petsmart. Inside, representatives from Banfield Animal Hospital were trying to find new homes for a few displaced cats. One of the kitties stood out to Sarah due to its unlikely garment – a “sweater.”

After finding the lost kitten in a bush, a rescuer had fashioned a regular white sock into a top for the feline. In the photos, it really looks like the kitten is wearing a slouchy turtleneck sewn just for her.

Sarah’s post has reached over 130K “likes” and 74K retweets. Even the family who adopted the kitten reached out once they saw the viral post. Rodrigo responded with a photo of the kitty in her new home, already cuddling up to the family’s dog. He happily reports that her new name is Pipes.