You Have to Hear This Hangry Kitten’s Mighty Meow

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Fizz has something to say, and everyone around him is going to hear it. This little kitten needs some attention, and he knows the best way to get it is to meow at the top of his lungs. Well, meow might not be the correct word…yowl? Shriek?

The recently uploaded video of Fizz’s calls has already reached well over 1 million views on the Kitten Lady’s YouTube channel which features a bunch of videos that are aimed to educate cat lovers and, of course, entertain. According to the Kitten Lady’s website, her real name is Hannah Shaw, and she hopes to spread knowledge on how to care for kittens and cats that have medical disabilities, have been feral, or have had a tough life and behavioral issues. She has guest-starred on Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” and appeared in magazines as a cat behavior expert.

The Kitten Lady takes on many foster kittens like Fizz who she says “…expresses his need for snacks in a very loud way.” But no one should worry about little Fizz. He’s definitely getting fed and receiving care from someone who only wants to see him be happy. But that won’t stop him from expressing his hunger in a mighty meow!