Kleptomaniac Squirrel Steals Kinder Bueno

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Shoplifters come in all shapes and size, including short and hairy with a fluffy tail! Animals have had some of the more exciting shopping sprees this past year as compared to humans (remember the beaver that went Christmas shopping at a dollar store?), and this squirrel is one of the shrewdest shoppers we’ve seen yet.

Apparently, he desperately wanted a Kind Bueno, which is snagged from a convenience store and scurried across the road. The person behind the camera was obviously expecting his presence but may not have thought he was going to snag some product! Posted on YouTube, it’s unlikely that the little kleptomaniac pre-planned his chocolate caper, but whatever the scenario, he pulled off his heist in quick style!

The camera person follows the squirrel out of the shop and witnesses him crossing the street, making a getaway under a parked minivan. We’re not entirely sure how good that amount of chocolate could be for a little critter such as this, and his probably already fast-beating heart, but whatever the end result, his cleverness was caught on film. As long as he doesn’t progress from being a cute little squirrel who maybe lost his way in life, to “grand theft otter” (cue rimshot), he should be alright.