Two Texas Seniors Knit Over 4,000 Baby Caps Together

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Calder Woods senior living residents and friends Agnes Northrup and Ethlyn Johnson love to knit in their spare time. And they’re exceptionally good at it. Since 2002, the pair have fashioned over 4,000 baby caps as thoughtful and beautiful donations to Beaumont residents.

Johnson began knitting at age 13 for to provide clothing for soldiers, and Northrup learned to make sweaters for her husband. Originally, they used blue and pink yarn, but now their creations vary from pastels to variegated stripes of color and texture.

Calder Woods’ officials recognize how wonderful it is to see creativity keep people motivated throughout their lives. The pair earned the title of Calder Woods’ 2016 Volunteers of the Year, and they are even spreading the joy of knitting by teaching others how to master the craft during weekly knitting club meetings.

The Beaumont Enterprise quoted 89-year-old Johnson as saying, “I enjoy doing something that serves a greater purpose and allows me to give back to the community. It also helps me pass the time in my apartment when I watch television, and it keeps my mind engaged and active.”

Northrup, 96, added, “While you’re knitting, it might as well be for something useful. It’s a very constructive activity and allows others to benefit, which I love.”

We hope to see the pair continuing to knit for years to come.