‘Knockout Game’ Revival Could Be Cause of Houston Woman’s Assault

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Last Thursday near Discovery Green Park at the corner of McKinney and La Branch streets in Houston, police witnessed a man running up to a woman and punching her. Some worry that the attack might be part of the “knockout game.”

According to, the woman was leaving work alongside some friends when 24-year-old Sidney St. Jules walked up, assaulted her, and then ran away. He didn’t realize that in the crowd of witnesses, two deputy constables saw the act and ordered for backup to find the man right away.

St. Jules was arrested and charged with a felony of evading arrest and a misdemeanor of assault. He also had an outstanding warrant, so he was held without bond.

Police thought that perhaps the act was part of a revival of the “knockout game” that became news in 2013 as popular amongst teenagers. It even resulted in deaths after unsuspecting victims fell and suffered fatal head injuries.

But when St. Jules appeared in court on Monday morning, a woman who said she was his mother talked to Channel 2 and said, “He suffers from schizophrenia…He has not always been like this. This has been an ongoing situation for the last three years, and I begged and asked Harris County to help me and assist me, and that hasn’t happened.”

At this point, officials aren’t sure what St. Jules’s thoughts were.