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How Well Do You Know the Regions of Texas? Is This New Map Accurate?

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Chet Garner, the host of the popular series “The Daytripper,” recently made an Instagram post that has Texans talking. For the post, Garner took a map of Texas and divided it into several distinct regions, naming each one. That’s all well and good, of course, since everyone knows the Lone Star State is the biggest state in the continental US, and, as such, it contains multiple geographical regions. But is it so easy to mark the borders for each region? Some Instagram users disagree with Garner’s lines on where one region ends and another begins.

“Trying to make a map that identifies the real regions of Texas as the locals know them,” Garner wrote. “Adding places like ‘Big Country’ and ‘South East Texas’ which is totally different from ‘East Texas.’” Garner’s map includes the usual region names like the Panhandle and the Hill Country, but he decided to make up one entirely new name. Garner said, “I also made up a region called the ‘Heartland’ because there is no other good name for the Brenham/Bryan area.”

How Well Do You Know the Regions of Texas? Is This New Map Accurate?

Photo: Instagram/chettripper

Instagram user tamar.leah commented, “Your West Texas line just needs to go up to Lubbock.” Another commenter, texasaaron, said, “Great map. Coastal Bend, though, definitely needs to slide south to exclude Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties (I don’t know if they are Houston Metro or SE Texas, but they’re not in the Coastal Bend) and include Nueces County, which certainly thinks it’s part of the Coastal Bend.”

Take a look and see what region your part of Texas belongs in, according to Garner’s map. Do you think the map is accurate? What changes would you recommend? As Garner asked his fans, “What am I missing? What did I get wrong?”

“The Daytripper” airs on PBS. The travel show has won eight Lone Star Emmy Awards, and it continues to showcase the culture, nature, and food of a new tourism destination in each episode.