Watch Cash, Kristofferson Perform ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’

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The thing about outlaw country is that you never quite know how the songs will end. Where less authentic songs would end a song about addiction with a change in perspective, Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” addresses it face-first, covered in dirt.

The honesty and rawness of the song, first sang by Johnny Cash then covered by Kristofferson solo and in duets, epitomizes outlaw country by not playing by the rules. The grit of the situation, the despair, and following, a loss of hope without will power to change drives this beautiful song forward.

The story of how Cash came to record it is interesting, but there are a few versions out there. The most common version is that Kristofferson flew a helicopter over Cash’s property to drop the demo off in person, kinda. Now whether Cash was home or not, the song made it in his hands.

With that classic low, rumbling voice behind the lyrics Kristofferson penned, the song became an instant hit, which catapulted Kristofferson into the country music limelight, where he has stayed for many, many years since. Watch them perform it below together.